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Protein Microarrays can be powerful tools to improve healthcare.
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– Det har blitt sagt noen ord som jeg mener ikke burde vært sagt, sier Kr F-lederen etter Sylvi Listhaugs «imamsleiking»-utspill.

Videoen med snødekte fjell, fjorder og byer i Norge vakte oppsikt da den kom ut.

It lists her first name as Anna, but under sex it says "M." "That means male," Anna says, running her finger across the document.

Three friends since childhood are trying to work out their complicated relationships.

Jonny tries to be best friends with Magnus, Magnus tries to be married to Tuva, and Tuva tries to have sex with Jonny. See full summary » The movie portrays Norway's most spectacular robbery, where 11 men occupied central Stavanger for twenty minutes and escaped with 57 million kroner (appx million). Lotte is impulsive, rough around the edges and leads a colourful life on the streets of Berlin, stumbling from man to man and flat to flat.

Every year, approximately 600 people get employment after completing one of our programs.- Assessment and 'try-out' programmes - Place and training programmes - Qualifying programmes - Employment Fretex is a member of Fretex also have 12 facilities for receiving and handling all clothes and textiles in Norway.

From 2014, Fretex in cooperation with the Norwegian Postal Service, allows you to deliver clothes and textiles in a specially designed bag that holds up to 8 Kg.