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In 1999, as the 20th century came to a close, the Ad Age staff set out to examine all the ways in which advertising has entertained, moved and motivated us over the years.

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Vegetable dyes were made from flowers, herbs, bark, and roots.

Crazy quilts tells us about the maker's interests as well as her hand sewing ability. In fact, that segment of the Victorian period is often referred to as “the brown years” because of the prominence of browns in paints and fabrics. Chocolate browns are very indicative of the 1870s and ‘80s."Oh when thou art gone to Western land, And dream of friends away, And visions of thine eastern home Around these sadly play, Then fondly look upon these names That friendships hand may trace And solaced by their memory niece To sad regrets give place" These quilts were put together in varied ways.Sometimes the entire quilt was made by one person while with others each friend make a block to be combined into a quilt.Read more about this pattern at the bottom of this page.