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There were the three brass Gillette razors : and three Rolls Razors (the rectangular silver boxes and the one in the green box), two Valet Autostrop razors (one well used and missing the strop, the other seemingly never used; both in red boxes) and an old GEM Damaskeene. I am 27 and I am just fascinated by any original gentleman way of doing something.Things like shaving and writing with a fountain pen just to name a few.Steve Berry, a spokesperson for the Mesa Police Department.Detectives are now investigating which house the tampered candy may have come from.To assist your quest for faster, smarter insights, I've defined the Segmentation Selector Framework (Acquisition, Behavior, Outcomes), shared downloadable versions of my favorite segments, Non-Flirts, Social, Long Tail, and recommended the mating of custom reports with advanced segments (downloads provided there too! Something I've been dying/pushing for a very long time: the ability to segment Visitors, and not just Visits or Hits!I'm so excited about this because we can finally focus on people, multiple visits by the same person, the multiple media/marketing touch points for the same person and do some pretty cool cohort analysis. Whether you do online, offline or nonline analysis, or just like to randomly play with data, insights arrive faster with segmentation.

Before we jump into that exciting adventure, I want you to checking a recent post that covered the importance of aligning hit-level metrics with hit-level dimensions and session-level metrics with session-level dimensions. Some razors and almost empty tins of neatsfoot oil, shoe polish and lanolin and a box filled with black and brown shoe laces, all new, but only one shoe lace of any given color/length.Several of the razors were pre-war Gillettes but the others were all more exotic.The Mataipule kids had just wrapped up a night of trick-or-treating and were about to dive into their candy.“Father said ‘Make sure you check the candy and make sure it's not poisoned,’” Vicki said, “Of course, you never think there's going to be anything in the candy.”They all laughed but did it anyway.“We were looking through the candy and I picked up a Snickers and it was slightly slit open at the bottom,” said Nikole Mataipule, Vicki’s teenage daughter.“She opens it more and just sees metal and it (the Snickers bar) rumbles apart and you just see a giant metal razor,” said her brother 10-year-old Josh Mataipule.I have a stock of Gillette adjustables to last the rest of my life. Found another box and in it is a bunch of old shaving brushes, one I remember using (or maybe one just like it) so I am slowly getting them cleaned up and sanitized so they can go back in use.